Information and advice on contracting electricity.

If you are thinking about changing your electricity company or saving on your energy consumption, then in the Airelimpio Energía blog your enquiries will be answered.

Advice for contracting electricity and gas

There are things in our lives which are necessary, whether we want these or not; an example of this is energy sources, which enables us to live our daily lives and enjoy our well-being; generally, electricity and/or natural gas are not sufficient, that is why we will need those items from the energy market. Have…

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Truths and lies about renewable energy

Indeed you have probably heard phrases such as: “renewable energies are expensive”, “wind turbines are very noisy and pose a danger to birds”; these are categorical phrases which often do nothing other than skew reality, or take an isolated fact and transform same into a proven and safe dogma. We would like to dedicate this…

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