AireLimpio Energía Electricity Supplier Agents

If you wish to increase the value of your business and complement same with a new line of fixed monthly income, then join AIRELIMPIO ENERGÍA, a company designed for obtaining customer savings.

By joining our network of agents you will get obtain:


A fixed commission will be obtained for each client so that, as the client portfolio increases, so does the fixed monthly income.


Initial training is provided in order to understand how to save your potential customers money on their electricity bills. From the first day you will have complete knowledge of the product which is being offered with all questions clarified, providing those significant savings to your customers.


All internal procedures can be carried out via telephone or mail, but this procedure can also be undertaken through the agents section of our website to streamline or undertake the procedures outside office hours.

No internal competition
No network of agents of our own
Revenue per portfolio
A project of continuity
Clear and timely remuneration
Direct and close relationship with the company.

Become an agent

If you are interested in joining our company, complete the following form and we get back to  you in the next couple of days so that you can start immediately managing your client portfolio.

Can I obtain new domestic customers who save by switching to AIRE LIMPIO ENERGÍA
Can I obtain new business customers who save by switching to AIRE LIMPIO ENERGÍA
I have sales experience
I have advanced knowledge of the electrical sector
I have worked with other electricity Suppliers

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By virtue of that set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation, the customer whose information is included in the present form expressly consents to AIRE LIMPIO SL the processing of his/her personal data for the purpose of the invoicing and promotion of the services marketed with same, as well as the authorisation to the dissemination thereof with those entities in relation to which AIRE LIMPIO SL has concluded a contract for the provision and promotion of services The data will be included in an automated file owned by AIRE LIMPIO which has adopted the necessary security measures for its confidentiality and you are entitled to the exercise pursuant to law of your rights of access, rectification, cancellation/erasure, opposition, limitation to processing or data portability, by writing to AIRE LIMPIO SL